Let us turn wonderful ideas for your wedding day become a reality at the Diamond Bay Resort & Spa. We have many beautiful places suitable for organizing wonderful and romantic weddings with lot of different styles from classic to modern, such as: Beautiful beach with white sand and blue sea; green lawns, pool and luxurious restaurants with sea view. Besides, we also bring high-class menus to your wedding party with delicious and plentiful cuisines from Asian culture to Western culture. Certainly, when coming to Diamond Bay Resort & Spa, your wedding will be the most unique and impressive wedding in the eyes of all invited guests.

Blow the soul for your wedding pictures, we will help you to complete each stroke for this masterpiece not fade forever.


An outdoor wedding is attracting many couples not only for open space, comfort but the bride and groom also can decorate new style banquet to mark the most special and important day of there life. Come to Diamond Bay Resort & Spa, you absolutely can make that dream come true. We have extremely beautiful and fascinating locations suitable for weddings as:

- The artificial beach of Diamond Bay Resort & Spa
- The Golf course
- The swimming pool

      Your wedding day should be magical. Getting to that fairy tale day, however, isn’t quite as easy as it appears in your favorite princess movie. Planning a wedding can be incredibly overwhelming.      
     One of the biggest decisions you will make is choosing an event venue to hold your wedding ceremony and wedding reception. One of the first steps to take is to pick between an outdoor wedding venue and an indoor wedding venue. Here are a few things to consider when making the choice for your wedding location.


When thinking about wedding decorations, one of the first thing to decide is the color - the soul of the party. Just change the color of the banquet hall, the space will be completely different wedding. Not only that, the colors also reflect the personality, style of the couple or otherwise recreate the love story of two people.

Diamond Bay Resort & Spa is professional in the matter of consulting as well as organizing romantic  and impressive wedding ceremonies which would be an unforgettable memories for the newlyweds