Saving impression of Miss Universe staying at Diamond Bay Resort & Spa

Diamond Bay Resort & Spa still retains 80 rooms bearing the imprints of Miss Universe, each room is the name of the countries ’s Miss, currently these rooms are still opening to serve guests.

Not any resort has owned ocean bungalows bearing 80 brand names of outstanding beauties in the international beauty arena. Let’s learn about the Resort brand that makes the names of the most beautiful beauties on the planet

Saving impression of Miss Universe staying at Diamond Bay Resort & Spa

Impressive stage and the first "common home" of Misses in Vietnam

Diamond Bay Resort & Spa – stage and place for Miss Universe 2008 to shine on the charming white sandy beach by Diamond Bay

The Resort hides in the cool green coconut trees, only more than 10 km from the city center, connecting with Cam Ranh International Airport and Nha Trang City Center. It is known by domestic and international tourists as a place that welcomed special contestants. The Miss, MC and celebrities in the world in 2008


Diamond Bay Resort & Spa is proud of the first place in Vietnam welcoming the family of Miss Universe, and bringing unique imprint that no other place has. Because it is a place to save 80 rooms of 80 contestants from 80 countries attending the final night of Miss Universe 2008.

Saving impression of Miss Universe staying at Diamond Bay Resort & Spa

Why was Diamond Bay Resort & Spa chosen as the place to stop for Misses and Organiser?

1. Favorable weather and nature

Diamond Bay Resort & Spa was chosen to host Miss Universe 2008 due to the advantage of the weather, mostly cool and warm sun all year around.
Besides, transportation infrastructure by sea, overland and air freight are quite convenient. Beautiful scenery is also an important factor for contestants to perform and prove their ability.

2. An innovative architectural design was created by famed architect Andy Dye

The resort project has an investment scale of more than 4 billion USD, designed with ideas from luxurious architectural works of Dubai city combined with many other monumental and unique design in the world
This project is like a Dubai in Vietnam, has been formed and operated since 2008 for the first period and designed by famed architect Andy Dye  - Dye Group.

3. Facilities according to high standards

With the orientation of developing the project into an Asia’s leading resort. Diamond Bay Resort & Spa Nha Trang has been equipped with modern facilities. A massive 2400m2 swimming pool. private beach area, conference room, banquet hall up to 1000 persons and many other amenities.
Becoming the home ground to celebrate the International Miss Universe, also recognizes Vietnam's development on the beauty map and the world's largest event organizer. 
Marking an important point when the Vietnamese representative was named in the top final for the first time. And then, Diamond Bay Resort & Spa was granted right to use 80 name’s contestants from 80 countries to name per Bungalow.

Saving impression of Miss Universe staying at Diamond Bay Resort & Spa

Special feature in 80 Bungalows named Miss Universe at Diamond Bay Resort & Spa

The resort was built according to 5-star standard and possessed international standard equipment. With a luxurious and distinctive architectural style of a high-class tropical coastal resort .80 bungalows named of Miss divided into 2 groups: 
Bungalow room with private balcony overlooking garden view or sea view with room types: high-class, family and VIP room. Each bungalow equipped high-class amenities such as King size bed, bathroom, living room and Jacuzzi bathtub.

Bungalow Garden View

With tropical resort style design. Bungalow Garden View rooms named Miss have a total area of 61m2, with a balcony overlooking garden, bringing a fresh space with full of excitement
This room class will be a great choice for travelers who love lightness and peace. From the bedroom you will easily enjoy unforgettable moments with the green space of tropical garden.

Bungalow Garden View

Bungalow Ocean View

Comfort as home! That is an impressive reviews of visitors about Bungalow Ocean view at Diamond Bay Resort & Spa.
With an area of 68m2, this is one of the largest and luxurious rooms in the Resort. These Ocean Bungalows with plenty of open space bring sea breeze and sunlight into room. It is surrounded by lots of trees, the visitor will feel relaxation and comfortable.
In addition to high class services and facilities, the Bungalow rooms also have a private area overlooking sea view to welcome guest, this is a “Slow Life” check-in place with the most expensive view at DMB.

Bungalow Ocean View


Diamond Bay Resort & Spa, where a new day begins on the beach, will give the visitors a memorable experience.
Wish you and your family will have a satisfied and meaningful trip!

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