Diamond Bay Resort & Spa is proud to be always ready to provide convenience and superior services for you from accomodation, cuisine, health and beauty care. With the criteria makes everyone be happy, Diamond Bay Resort & Spa always try to meet all guest's needs even smallest.

Come and enjoy your holiday in one of the most beautiful and luxurious resort in Vietnam!

Songlo Spa

Let us pamper of you after a long day on the beautiful beach. With professional  and dedicated therapist along with raw natural materials sourced from around the world, we bring you a high-end and essence treatments of Asian, Europe and Arab culture to care for your external beauty, health and comfort your inner spirit. Relax and feel all essences of the Creator to find your natural energetic, willness and love; from that, you will see how beautiful your life is...

Swimming Pool

A massive 2400m2 free form swimming pool with children’s area, right next to the sea, serving BBQ and ice cold drinks all day into the evening, promising you the most relaxing experience of peaceful atmosphere. Perfect for lazing and chilling out with a book or some loved ones.


Enjoy bright sunny beaches of soft white sand caressed by sapphire waters with lush mountaintops behind coconut trees swaying to the light ocean breeze.

We have two private white sand beaches offering all kinds of professional services for relaxing, camping, events, parties.

Business Center

Uptime: 24/24

Facilities: Phone, copiers, printers, and computer with internet access. Besides, we also have a bar that is always ready to serve you.

Fitness center

Open daily from 6:00 - 22:00

The Fitness Center at Diamond Bay is fully equipped with anything you need for a great workout. Air conditioned, space for yoga and aerobics training, and gym that match any individual’s workout regime.